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Mackintosh Dunkeld Raincoat Charcoal Loro Piana Wool

Epaulet Outfits Dave Ortiz Part Two (Q&A)

As a tried and true New Yorker, summarize New York Style in exactly five words
1: Fresh / 2: Creative / 3: Individualist / 4: Sharp / 5: Black (I mean the color)

What article of clothing of yours has the most sentimental value?
 My “OFF” hat which I got as a gift from my girlfriend and symbolizes where I am in my life.

Name one NYC night spot that everyone should visit.
 I don’t go out at night anymore, hahahaha. Nah I would say Lilly’s on West Houston

Tell us your most insane celebrity encounter.
Bill Murray Hates Me.

One Sunday night I was at Epsteins my local bar.  I’ve been there all day drinking margaritas.  Bill Murray walked in to the bar around 11pm to watch the football game high lights.
I get so excited and I have to talk to him so I walk up and tell him I’m a huge fan and know all his lines in his movies and SNL skits, and say “Hey we are wild and crazy guys”.
He sighs and says “I wasn’t in that, that was Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin”
I said in my drunken state “Are you sure?” He says “Yeah,  it was 1978 at the SNL studio, where you there?” I said no.
Then there was that awkward silence and he’s staring at me so I try and be cool and lean on the bar stool, I miss the stool and I fall over, the bar stool hits me in the gut and I fall to the ground grunting in pain. He sighs again and says “Kids Today”. The bartender says, ” Oh, that’s no kid!” Bill Murray sighs again and says “Adults Today”
I get up and walk away. Then I feel like a total jerk and like I have to redeem myself and make up to him for all this drunken nonsense. So I walk over again and say I’m usually not like this and I was sorry, he completely ignores me. I bend down trying to pick up my dog and fall over again.  He then says to the bartender can some one Pour Rummy into a cab and get him away from me.
Worst day ever.  

If Squishy [your adorable pug] were to pick out a pair of Walt trousers for herself, which would she choose?
The striped pair from this season

What’s the most inspiring film that you’ve seen recently?
 An Unlikely Weapon, story of Eddie Adams

The absolute best Bad Brains song and why? 
I and I survive, best song cuz its about how man  should treat one another. Also it’s on a Rasta steez and not one of the hard fast in your face punk songs. I’m way relaxed in my older age. 

Tell us one secret about yourself that NO ONE else knows.
Just before bed I love to eat Milk and Cookies, and yes I like to dunk my cookies.

Your thoughts on bicycle shorts?
I never wear them and I think my friends that do are crazy……Reda. Hahaha.

What recent technology do you wish had never been invented?
Digital cameras, even though I use one I think it made it too easy for Slack Jaw people to say they are photographers and takes away from people who still shoot Analog photos.

Epaulet Outfits Dave Ortiz Part One

To many, Dave Ortiz will always be revered for being the first employee and de facto manager of Zoo York. The innovative NYC skateboarding and graffiti-art collective was the prototype against which all other enterprising skateboarders would judge themselves. 

Dave later went on to found Dave’s Quality Meats on East 3rd street, a seminal boutique and social haven for skateboarders everywhere. Having recently departed from DQM, Dave has since set up his second NYC institution, Dave’s Wear House—a magnet for street style and fixed gear bicycle culture. Head down to Baxter Street in Chinatown and you’re likely to meet him there. You’re even more likely to leave with one of his phenomenal bicycles.

This self-declared “world’s biggest Bad Brains fan” and the owner of Squishy the pug lives in New York City.

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