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18 posts tagged Southwick

stanleyvanburen in the Epaulet Navy Hopsack Suit

Harris Tweed Made To Order Jackets are available now


Trying to blend in.  I have to wear the full suit at least once ;)

Wisith is killing it in the full Epaulet Camo suit! 

Southwick for Michael Kuhle “Caine” sportcoat in navy wool hopsack

Custom Epaulet Southwick Flannel DB Suit

Thanks to StanleyVanBuren for the pic!

Epaulet Napoli Unconstructed Sportcoat in Navy Duck Canvas

Sunday Styles at the Shop

Southwick for Michael Kuhle Caine Navy Hopsack Blazer

Epaulet Navy Gingham Cutaway Collar Shirt

Ashland Crimson Knit Dots Tie

Epaulet Rudy Trouser

Carmina for Epaulet Salinger Saddle Shell Cordovan Double Monk

Matt wearing…

Southwick for Michael Kuhle Daltrey Grey Donegal Sportcoat

Epaulet Cutaway Collar Popover

Epaulet Navy/Red Birdseye Knit Tie

Epaulet Walt Pine Trouser

Carmina for Epaulet Fitzgerald Chocolate Calfskin Shortwing

Southwick for Michael Kuhle Loro Piana Windowpane Caine Blazer

Epaulet Loro Piana Windowpane Walt Trouser

Carmina for Epaulet Salinger Snuff Suede Double Monk

Southwick for Michael Kuhle Caine Navy Hopsack Blazer

Epaulet Seersucker Shirt

Ashland Eggplant Dots Tie

Epaulet Corduroy Tweed Rudy Trouser

Southwick for Michael Kuhle Sportcoats - 2nd Fall Delivery

Southwick for Michael Kuhle Harris Tweed Mashup Sportcoat

Matt’s many Epaulet looks

Stanley Van Buren in the Southwick for Michael Kuhle Medium Grey Super 120’s Suit

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