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144 Orchard Street New York, New York 10002

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1133 Montana Avenue Santa Monica, California 90403

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Alden for Epaulet Perkins Captoe Balmoral in Navy Suede: $545

Alden for Epaulet Navy Chromexcel Shortwing: $545

EPLA Engineer Shirt in Hand-Distressed Denim

EPLA Wilshire Jean in 14oz Grey Kurabo Denim

Epaulet by Luigi Bianchi Mantova, Vittorio E. Thomas Tonal Plaid Sportcoat

EPLA Western Shirt in Hand-Distressed Indigo Denim

EPLA Wilshire Jean 9oz Galey & Lord Safari Selvedge Twill PREORDER

Samuelsohn for Epaulet Bernard Sportcoat in Royal Blue Loro Piana Windowpane

Carmina Wolfe Tassel Loafer in Burnished Tan Calfskin

Carmina Cooper Chukka Boots in Sand Suede

EPLA Tennis Shoe specs. To be released this Summer

L.B.M. 1911 Double Breasted Navy Cotton/Nylon Jacket and Single Breasted Olive Silk/Linen Jacket

EPLA Asbury Denim Jacket in Cone Mills 1968 White Oak Selvedge. Available in Rinsed and Hand-Distressed.

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EPLA Wilshire Jean in Grey 14oz Kaihara Selvedge and White 14oz Kuroki Selvedge

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